Friday, May 7, 2010

Thoughts on Lawrence Taylor

I really don't want to "blog" about Lawrence Taylor, but I guess I have to. Taylor is the "IT" topic of the moment, and it's not going away anytime soon. But there are other issues that deserve attention. I would like to pay tribute to Ernie Harwell and Robin Roberts. I would like to wax poetic about the greatness of Roy Halladay. And, there was an interesting piece in today's Wall Street Journal that I wanted to discuss. The article speculated that wouldn't it be fair to have all baseball teams compete against one another all season, without concern for geography? From where I sit that's interesting stuff. But it all takes a back seat to Taylor. What was Taylor doing in a hotel room with a 16-year-old girl? Why was he sleeping when the cops came to arrest him? Why wasn't he getting the young lady medical attention? We've been told that for the past 12 years Taylor has been drug free, but these are not the actions of a lucid individual. Taylor will have his day in court on June 10. He's entitled to due process. At his arraignment on Thursday he looked pathetic. He once cut such an impressive pose. Now he looked like pond-scum. For the past thirty years he's been a human train wreck. Taylor is one of the all-time NFL greats, but his character has been exposed and it's not pretty. For people who consume sports, it's been one hit after another. First, Tiger Woods. Next up, Ben Roethlisberger. Then, a University of Virginia lacrosse player is accused of murdering his former girlfriend. Now Lawrence Taylor. When do we get a break from this crap?

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  1. where are the great athletes like ken roswall or eddie dibbs,they dont make them like they use too