Friday, May 21, 2010

Are the Tampa Bay Rays that good?

So what are we to make of these Tampa Bay Rays? Yahoo Sports! published a piece on Friday that suggests the Rays are on par with the 1998 Yankees. Really? The 1998 Yankees? How can you compare the Rays to a team that has already won a championship? And this was not just any team. The 1998 Yankees won a total of 125 games. Are the Rays that good? I'm not going to overload you with statistics, but you should know that the Rays are 30-11 overall and 17-4 on the road. If you've seen Tropicana Field you know why the Rays play better on the road. Ouch! Cheap shot. But I think before we anoint teams we have to see them play for more than 30% of the season. Right now, everything is going Tampa Bay's way. Their scoring runs, their preventing runs and their pitchers are working deep into games. But c'mon people, it's not even June. Let the season mature. But I will say this: catch this team while you can because they have the ability to make this a one-horse race. This they can do.


  1. I think the cooler @ Yahoo is pumping out something a lot stronger than Poland Springs! No comparison needed at all.... they didn't look so great when Braden threw his perfect game on them. And as long as I mentioned Braden, he should thank a Yankee, Mr. A Rod, for challenging his manhood by violating his mound. I give him credit, he responded with something that even a future Hall of Famer like A Rod has to give props to.

  2. Joel,
    I'm just thankful that you're reading and responding to my blogs!