Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Super Bowl comes to NY/NJ

So Super Bowl 2014 is coming to NY/NJ. It will be the first outdoor Super Bowl played in a cold-weather city. GOOD. I say It's about time. Who said the Super Bowl must be played in Miami, New Orleans or California? The coldest outdoor game in Super Bowl history was Super Bowl VI at Tulane Stadium in 1972, with a game-time temperature of 39 degrees. Tulane Stadium is located in New Orleans. The average high temperature in NY/NJ on February 2 (the date of the game) is 37 degrees. Do you know the only people unhappy that the Super Bowl is being played in a cold-weather city? The sports media. The Chris Russo's of the world are going crazy with the notion that a Super Bowl is being played in cold-weather. The sports media doesn't count. The fans count. They can adjust to the weather. They will adjust to the weather. The events leading up to the Super Bowl are going to go on as scheduled. People are going to be thrilled with its efficiency. The game will be played. It will be cold. So what? You're not going to melt. Just one word of advice: make sure you layer.

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