Friday, May 14, 2010

Calvin Borel pulls a Joe Namath

After winning the Kentucky Derby two weeks ago, jockey Calvin Borel proclaimed that his horse, Super Saver, would win the Triple Crown. Pretty ballsy-stuff considering that the Triple Crown hasn't been won since 1978. Only 11 horses have won the Derby, the Preakness and the Belmont. That's it. 11. But here's Borel tapping into his inner Joe Namath. Borel has since toned down his act even though his horse is the 5-2 morning-line favorite. I wish he wouldn't have. I want more bravado. The sport could use more swagger. Ratings for the Kentucky Derby were the highest since 1989, but the horse racing industry is not strong. Young people are going to the casinos, not the race track. The sport needs more Calvin Borel's. Maybe he just got caught up in the moment two weeks ago. Or, maybe, he has a special horse. Maybe he has the right horse at the right time. Maybe Joe Namath is going to have some company.

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  1. Hi Dan, I agree! I think Joe Namath and Calvin Borel will have something in common very soon. My prediction- the right horse at the right time with the right jockey.