Thursday, May 13, 2010

LeBron's Legacy

Face it, the NBA playoffs have been a major dud. Some of the games have been completely devoid of competition. The most blatant example took place in Game Five of a second round match-up between the Celtics and Cavaliers. Boston won by 32 points. It was the Cavaliers worst playoff loss in history. In Game Five LeBron James scored 15 points on 3-for-14 shooting. He made one "outside" shot. He didn't make his first field goal until late in the third quarter. King James was a complete non-factor. Even worse, he was uninvolved. He looked spiritless. Rarely has such a big-time player come up so small in a big-time game. Game Six is tonight in Boston. There are rumors that LeBron is weak due to allergies. If so, the Cavaliers can only hope that the pollen count will be low in Boston. This will be a legacy-defining game for LeBron. As you know, he becomes a free agent on July 1. After seven seasons this could be his last game as a Cavalier. What a dagger that would be to a city that hasn't won a major championship since 1964. Published reports suggest that LeBron may sign with Chicago and bring with him, coach John Calipari. Right now, that doesn't matter. What matters is Game Six. It's simple. Will LeBron be up for the challenge, or will be disappear like he did in Game Five? He hasn't won a ring. He hasn't won a single game in the NBA Finals and he got blown out of a pivotal playoff game. His legacy is on the line tonight. Basketball in Cleveland holds its breath.

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