Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Don't tell me it's the Flyers again

I should state right off the top that I'm not a fan of the Philadelphia Flyers. Let me clarify that: I'm not a fan of their history. As a die-hard Rangers fan in the early-mid 1970's, the Broad Street Bullies caused me much anguish. They intimidated my Rangers. They beat them up. Brad Park, my favorite Ranger, was one of the few guys who could go toe-to-toe with any Philadelphia goon. But Park was only one man. The Rangers were a little soft. And the Flyers feasted on soft. They ended up winning back-to-back Stanley Cups. I've been in intense psychotherapy ever since.

Now the current version of the Flyers are two wins away from advancing to the Stanley Cup finals. They are doing it with a goaltender who was picked up off the waiver-wire. Michael Leighton has posted back-to-back shutouts over the Canadians. Philadelphia has won six straight playoff games, but their team leader says they aren't even playing their best hockey. Somebody please tell me this isn't happening. Somebody please call Brad Park. But this time make sure he brings a friend.


  1. Dan - I was a big Ranger fan back in the late 60s and 70s. Only time I rooted for the Bullies was when they played the Soviet Red Army team and beat them. There still was a Cold War back in those days.

  2. I was a die-hard Rangers fan until 11/7/75. That's the day my favorite player, Brad Park, was traded to the Bruins. The complete trade was Park and Jean Ratelle for Phil Esposito and Carol Vadnais. Joe Zanussi was the spare tire in that trade. As you know that trade was a major blockbuster. So after Park got traded I became a Bruins fan. I had to follow my player. Park and Bobby Orr only played ten games together before Orr got hurt again. What a power play that must've been. Park came close to winning the Stanley Cup, but it wasn't meant to be. Boston lost in the SC finals to Montreal in back-to-back years. Park would later make the Hall of Fame, but I sure wish he would've won one Stanley Cup. He deserved it.