Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Pro athletes think they can play pro golf---they can't Jerry Rice tries golf

Jerry Rice is the latest former sports superstar who thinks he can play pro golf. I'm sure Rice can compete for the club championship, but he can't compete on the pro tour. In this case the Nationwide Tour, which is golf's AAA version to the PGA Tour. Rice recently competed in a Nationwide event in Hayward, California. Rice is not the first pro athlete from another sport to play a Nationwide Tour tournament. Just the latest. Rice had high hopes. He figured that he would make the cut. Make the cut? Rice nearly finished last. He ended up tied-149th. Why do these jocks think they can play pro golf? It must be false bravado. Playing on a pro golf tour--any golf tour--is not a hobby. You can't just pick up your bag on Thursday and expect to play with these guys. This is a full-time gig. Pro athletes are under the belief that they can play tournament golf just because they caught a few touchdown passes. In the case of Jerry Rice something like 200 touchdown passes. You can't pick up golf in your thirties and expect to play on the pro tour in your forties. It doesn't work that way. But something tells me Rice will try again. Some guys just don't get it.

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