Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Notes

I enjoy "blogging" on Monday. You're coming off the weekend, so you have plenty of material. Today I'd like to "blog" about the following: Mariano Rivera, Jerry Manuel and the Flyers. First Rivera. On Sunday afternoon he walked in a run (hasn't happened since 2005), and then he gave up a grand slam (hasn't happened as a reliever, since 2002). With two outs in the eighth inning, and the Yankees leading 3-2, Jason Kubel took Rivera's best pitch and hit it of the park. Case closed. These things happen. Even to the great Rivera. But Kubel is not a 'Punch and Judy' hitter. He's hit six grand slams in his career. He was a former top prospect who seems to be coming into his own, although he's gotten off to a poor start in 2010. He still can't hit lefties, but in 2010, 26 of his 28 home runs came against righties, and of course, Rivera is a righty. It's not as if Kubel is some 'Joe bag of doughnuts.' Two words to describe Rivera: He's human.

A New York Post columnist feels that it would be best if the Mets fire manager Jerry Manuel. Keep in mind the Mets had an eight game winning streak in April. 16 days ago they were in first place. But, according to the N.Y. Post columnist "the Mets season is spinning hopelessly out of control." What? The Mets have played 38 games and they are two under .500. Yes, they've lost five straight, but that's not "spinning out of control." That's New York journalism for ya. Only in New York can a team be two under .500 and a columnist is calling for the manager's head.

The Flyers. My least favorite team in all of sports. It blows me away that they are three wins from playing in the Stanley Cup finals. Who are these guys? Goaltender Michael Leighton may be the most anonymous player in playoff history. It seems like the Flyers have beaten the Canadians and the series just started. "It's easy to hate the Flyers," Montreal's Hal Gill told the Montreal Gazette. "They've been the Broad Street Bullies, their fans are loud and obnoxious. If you're from Philly, that's great. If you're not, you hate them."

Oh, almost forgot. Two more quick items: Preakness Stakes winner Lookin' at Lucky will not race in the Belmont Stakes in three weeks. Kentucky Derby winner Super Saver will not race in the Belmont Stakes in three weeks. How weak is that? Only twice since 1970 has the Belmont Stakes lacked the winners of both the Kentucky Derby and the Preakness (thanks Boston Herald). The Belmont Stakes have officially become irrelevant.

If you've been following my "blog" you know how I feel about former professional athletes trying to play professional golf. It doesn't end well. For some reason these guys think they can compete on the PGA Tour, or the Champions Tour. Well Jerry Rice has come to his senses. He's retiring from competitive golf even before he played competitive golf. In his first two rounds of a recent U.S. Open qualifier Rice shot 92-82. Well at least he's going in the right direction. If there is a former professional athlete that has the ability to play professional golf it's John Smoltz. Tiger Woods has said that Smoltz is the best non-PGA Tour golfer that he's ever seen. Whether he can make a career out of playing golf remains to be seen. Technically Smoltz hasn't retired from baseball, so it's going to take some time before we know just how good Smoltz really is. As for Jerry Rice. Well done.

That's it. I'm done "blogging" for the day.

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  1. Always enjoy your take on things Dan... my one comment is concerning Manual/Minaya... they both need to go... not for this year, just the sum total of the moves they make & how they make them.