Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Mixed Bag

The Flyers are in the Stanley Cup finals and I have a severe case of agiata. If Philadelphia beats Chicago and wins the Cup I'm moving to the Congo. My new favorite athlete is Blackhawks defenseman Duncan Keith. On Sunday night he took a puck in the mouth and lost seven teeth. Seven! Can you imagine if a baseball player lost seven teeth? He immediately would go on the 60-day disabled list. Steve Nash is my runner-up. The other night Nash played with a broken nose and scored 17 points with 15 assists. Did you see the image of Nash on TV trying to "adjust" his nose back into its proper place? Tough guy. It shouldn't surprise you that Nash is from Canada who once aspired to play in the NHL.

Excellent piece of journalism in the Seattle Times on the very-troubled Milton Bradley. Whatever your thoughts are on Bradley, and everyone has an opinion, you have to feel for the guy. Any time suicide is mentioned as an option it deserves immediate attention. Bradley is at the cross-roads. Let's hope he takes the right path and gets the right help.

Eddy Curry is not from this universe. The man is going through life playing with monopoly money. He owes $17,000 per month in rent. He owes another $30,000 for "household expenses." He owes $425.00 for satellite TV. His parents, sister and father-in-law get another 16,000 a month. And relatives have driven away with some of the 12 cars that he's purchased. Every month $207,000 gets garnished from Curry's paycheck. Does this man have an accountant? Does this man have a financial planner? Does this man have a brain?

Well, that's enough blogging for the day. I'm still trying to write more economically. Bear with me. I'll get the hang of it.

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