Monday, May 3, 2010

Golfer shoots 58

How does an 18-year old golfer shoot a 58? Heck, how does any golfer shoot a 58? It happened on Sunday in Japan. The youngster, Ryo Ishikawa, was not playing on some putt-putt course. This kid is playing on a major tour. Also on Sunday, 20 year old Rory McIIroy shot a 62 on the PGA Tour. This was the same event that bounced Tiger Woods after two rounds. Woods shot a 79 on Friday, the second worst round of his career as a professional. Phil Mickelson, although he's going to need help, can take over the number one ranking if he wins the upcoming Players Championship. Woods has held the ranking for the last five years. But right now the focus of the golfing world isn't on Tiger Woods. It's on two kids that made history. Maybe the is better than we thought.

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  1. My last sentence should read: Maybe the future is better than we thought.